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Water slapped the kayak as a group of students sailed the Kaiwah River headed for a salt marsh where they would study small fish. They stopped. Then they noticed a rope, dangling in the water. It looked like a rope covered white paint, but it wasn’t paint. It was a tunicate – a sea squirt tunicate – that was small, beautiful.  It was a life form that existed within the river's waters. And it was right there in front of them. Amazed, they extended their hands and touched it. That’s how it is here. Coastal living in South Carolina is far from ordinary. It is a palatial paradise where nature beckons you to step out and take a look and touch it if you can.

Nestled along miles of the pristine Atlantic coast, South Carolina's shores offer breathtaking views of the awe-inspiring Atlantic ocean. The water front is home to several exquisite coastal cities coexisting and complimenting each other like soul mates. Stretching across ten-miles of sandy beaches lies Kiawah Islands.

Kiawah is one of the areas premier water front communities. Palatial estates offer unobstructed picturesque ocean views. Located 20 minutes from downtown Charleston, English cottages and arts and craft-styled estates with paranomic views of the ocean are stately and unashamedly luxurious. Homes here seem to form a cohesive bond with nature that surrounds it. Their grandier is stunning in a Charleston kind-of-a-way.

Wildlife finds Charleston’s coast as ethereal as its human inhabitants. It is a place where a carnivorous Lightning Whelk can be found consuming smaller shelled creatures. A omnivorous female Loggerhead Sea Turtle, the largest hard-shelled turtle, that also happens to be the state reptile of South Carolina, makes her way ashore to lay her eggs. Or, perched on a tree branch just above eye-line a Green Heron rests before taking off leaving you breathless.

Charleston's coast offers more than just a place to live. It is offers a living experience that surpasses most others. To find out more about Water Front Real Estate in Charleston SC , contact us. It is time to experience coastal living in South Carolina. The ocean is waiting.

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