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There are plenty of Charleston SC Historic Homes that you can visit while you are in the area. However, here are three that are one of the best and provide a unique perspective of the times from each. These three homes are similar and different from one another in many ways, thus allowing you to experience different parts of the culture that they survive from.

Drayton Hall:

This home is unrestored, meaning that it is in almost original condition. This allows you to see so much about the lifestyle and really feel that you are living back in those times. If you call ahead, you can schedule a tour for the family. During these tours, you will learn a great deal about the Drayton family and the slaves whom they owned. The Bowens were a slave family of the home that possibly helped to contribute to the building of the home. You will hear many more stories about them and others who have lived in the home through stories of culture, race, and family. The tour guides are educated about the whole house and can provide a great deal of information about it. 

The Joseph Manigault House:

This home was built in 1803 and is a perfect reflection of the federal period architecture. The home also captures a lifestyle of wealth. The family who lived in this house was a rice-planting family who also owned slaves. You will learn much about the history of the slaves who worked in the home that is informative and interesting for both you and your children to hear. 

The Nathanial Russell Home:

This home was built in 1808 and is reflective of the neoclassical style of architecture. There is plenty of antique furniture to look at that reflect a very different way of living in many ways from the way that we live today. You will see that this family was part of the elite and this home is reflective of this type of lifestyle back in those times. 

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