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Have you ever considered just leaving the place you live in and starting over?  It’s a thought that goes through many people’s minds at some point or the other.  Especially if you live in a fast-paced city like New York or Los Angeles, you might, at some point, come to think that everyone you meet is superficial and has their own agenda.

Things might have been fine when you had your own agenda and were busy climbing up the corporate ladder.  But at some point, you realized that  you wanted to get out of the rat race and start over some place where you could relax a little bit and just be yourself.

Starting Over in Charleston

If the above thoughts are going through your head, you’ll be surprised and pleased to learn that Charleston has been named the #1 city for people looking to start over in life.  The Post and Courier reports that CreditDonkey bestowed this honor upon Charleston on the basis of its population, its growing income levels, low unemployment rate and the large number of single people that live here. 

Add to this the fact that Charleston SC real estate includes some beautiful features such as old architecture and beachfront properties and you get the perfect combination of practicality and idyllic charm.

Letting Charleston Convert You

Even if the idea of starting over hasn’t crossed your mind, Charleston might still be the perfect place for you.  With its friendly population and laid back atmosphere, Charleston is capable of tempting even the most driven business executive and converting high strung type A’s into relaxed, sociable type B’s.

This is not to say that Charleston doesn’t have business opportunities or high level jobs.  It has both but it lacks the “do or die” attitude that is characteristic of other metropolis’.  Charlestonians realize that doing things calmly, with a tranquil mind, can be as effective as doing them with high levels of anxiety. 

So if this sounds like the kind of place that you’d like to live in, contact us to find the perfect property for you in the city of Charleston.

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